Our Team

Meet the Kansas Missing and Unsolved team! Below you will find profiles of those of us working so hard to bring home the missing and get information out to you in hopes of bringing justice and closure to the affected families.

Ricky Tebrugge


Ricky Tebrugge is a single father out of Salina, KS. He is a simple man. Goes to work daily, raises his daughters, pays his bills and survives just like the rest of us. The only difference is that Ricky uses every second of his free time searching for missing people and solving unsolved crimes.
Ricky began using social media to spread his self made missing persons flyers in 2012. He has since been able to have his flyers shared by over 100k people a month.

Derek Releford

Podcast Producer

Derek Grew up in Elkhart Kansas and founded Back Home Media in 2019. He resides in Phoenix Arizona with his wife and two children. He enjoys making music with his friends and podcasting.

Brandon Smith

Live Stream Producer

Brandon Grew up in Raleigh NC. He has a background in radio and video production. He resides in Raleigh, NC with  his wife and 2 daughters. He enjoys video production and often performs stand up comedy around the South.

David & Ronda Releford

Executive Producers

David is a retired oil and natural gas worker. He enjoys golfing and spending time with his children. He is an avid NFL fan.
Ronda is a former business owner who now lives in Surprise Arizona. She enjoys listening to true crime podcasts and spending time outside.
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